A perfect product is never the outcome of chance. Rather, it is the sum of precise development, a defined production process and accurate testing.

This is daily routine for us.

The complete production process is accompanied by measuring and testing processes with corresponding documentation and certification. Of course, we rely on the latest testing technology, but also – and this is of particular significance – on the experience, the eye and the skills of our staff. We permanently review our production – and optimize wherever optimization is required.

This is the practical implementation of: Steel. Made. Better.

Man and machine

Of course, the latest technology is important. In some areas, it is even essential for good quality. But it takes more to turn good quality into the best possible quality available – it takes people. With the experience gained from thousands of products and the drive to make the next thousand even better. That is why our employees are still the focal point of our production. And they are not only essential, but irreplaceable. Here is an example: Saws are straightened in the same way they were 100 years ago – by hand. No machine can replace the sensitivity for the perfect stroke and the exact sound.


We produce according to recognized standards, but never in a standard way. After all, every order and every application is different; even small variations require individual adjustments. That is why we always start from the beginning. We ask, discuss, calculate and consult. We find the perfect steel, the correct hardness, the ideal shape and the most economical quantity. Since 1906, time and time again. Contact us. We do not have a solution at our fingertips – but we develop a solution. Your solution.


Our service begins long before the purchase order and never really ends. From A to Z. From detailed analysis of performance requirements to the maintenance of a saw blade. In this way, we guarantee the durability of our products and the safety of your investment. We identify your needs, recommend material and processing and develop your solution. With transparent conditions, without any surprises, and precisely tailored to your specific requirements. All this as a matter of course.